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Android 2.3 on Cameras:Nikon S800c challenging the Polaroid

The first Android phone with Android operating system is here. The Nikon Cool pix S800c. Although Polaroid SC1630 announced its launch earlier this year, it does not appear to have hit the market for sale. Also the Polaroid SC1630 does not pretty much look like a camera too.

nikon camera

Nikon S800c with Android

This new camera from the Nikon company does all the job of a camera with an additional job done well by the Android 2.3 operating system. The S800c has a 1/2.3-inch 16-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor, a Nikon Expeed C2 processing engine, and a 10x f3.2-5.8 25-250mm lens with optical image stabilization — all the stuff you’d find in Nikon’s Coolpix S6300.

Now you can surf through the internet or open up Google Play store and even shop using your camera. This amazing new piece from Nikon can also be connected to your smartphone or tablet if you do not have ready wi-fi connectivity. The main plus point is the camera’s large touchscreen. Also the availability of large number of apps is one to really get this camera talking about.

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One comment on “Android 2.3 on Cameras:Nikon S800c challenging the Polaroid

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