Microsoft opens its retail store – Trying to compete Apple?

Trying to step into the retail sector is the iconic computer giant Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft has opened its retail local store in Boston on yesterday. Although the address of this store is going to be landmarked by the huge Apple store it seems, for the store goer.

microsoft store boston

Microsoft Store

It seems that Microsoft is now worried to lose its hands on the pc segment to Apple as most of the computer users in the world are shifting to the Mac. May be they have realised that they are seriously lagging behind in the two hottest segments of consumer electronics market, tablet computing and smartphones.

With the Vista operating system being launched over a few years ago, the Microsoft was not quite able to stand against the Mac. From that time the company seems to have understood the importance of consistently being in touch with its consumers. With the launch of Microsoft’s Surface the company is showing that its interested in fighting back.

All that I would say today that the company Microsoft will have to really pull up the socks and get going as there are a lot of competition for its products, right from the basic desktop computers to the hand-held devices. With the Google‘s Android operating system targeting the low-cost tablet market, it’s really difficult for the Surface to hope to have the market that it had for its gadgets a few years ago.

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