Google’s self driving car – Future of Technology

Here’s a glimpse on what is Google upto this decade. Well, its the self driving car that they have designed. According to their data collected from the World Health Organisations, Google says there are more than 1.2 millions lives lost every year due to traffic hazards. This is exactly the thought behind raising a technology where in a car can auto guide itself.


Google’s Self Driving car

These cars have video cameras, radar sensors as well as laser range finders installed to visualize the traffic around them and also have a comprehensive map whic they collected using manually driven vehicles to navigate the terrain. All this is possible with the help of Google’s data centers which can process the huge amounts of information gathered by their cars while mapping their topography.

Inorder to make sure that there is no cataclysm, they make sure all these cars that are on trial on the roads are manned with trained safety drivers behind the wheels. They take control over the car easily if the car extricates cruise control.

A very optimistic approach towards the technology’s ability to over power the advance society, although its still a prototype which is under experiment. The future looks extremely exciting.

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