Virtual Shop – A leap of shopping

As a welcome note we start off with introducing you to the new world of technology. Can you believe that shopping for your grocery is possible even on the go? Virtually.

virtual shop

Virtual Shop at Gatwick

Yes. Today if you step into the Gatwick airport, UK, you would find the impossible has become possible. The extremely popular chain of retail marketing Tesco has started testing out a new kind of grocery shopping, virtually.

According to sources Tesco has been gauging a familiar problem. A problem you wouldn’t even have thought, would result in such a tremendous innovation. Whenever you go on a holiday and return with your family, you might not have the essentials when you get back.

With the thought of tesco of installing a virtual store at the gatwick airport this problem will no longer be a problem. This kind of a store will have four interactive screens which the users can swipe with each of them demonstrating approximately 80 prodcts. If you want to purchase any item you will have to download a dedicated mobile app and then scan each product’s bar code with your smartphone or tab.

You can have it delivered on the day you arrive home once your done shoping virtually. This kind of a system is already in place in the South Korea. But in the UK trial will continue for the coming 2 weeks.


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